Medicine and Law Journal with ISSN 07231393

Medicine and Law Journal with ISSN 07231393 draws on the expertise and tradition of keeping scholars up-to-date teaching on all of the important issues affecting medicine, law and ethics today.

Medicine and Law Journal publishes papers in field of study as advances in medical research and new technologies shift the boundaries of medicine. New health issues are emerging and patient rights are increasingly taking centre stage. New and complex medico-legal dilemmas arise in clinical practice, in the realities of human health, and in the relationships between patients and healthcare professionals.

The Medicine and Law Journal enables you to explore the international and interdisciplinary dimensions of medical law and ethics. You will have opportunities to examine healthcare policy and the regulation of medicine in different parts of the world. You will also evaluate responses to technology and debate possible futures for medical law.

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Medicine and Law ISSN 07231393

Medicine and Law ISSN 0723-1393

Medicine and Law Journal